Lost in Fog
January 16, 2006

I have photographed this lonely street quiet few times. Click here to see a shot of the same stree in fall season. The two shots are taken from a slightly different spots.

This is so soft looking. I like it.

Very nice soft panorama with threes.

Beautifouls light colours

Posted by: fabrizio | January 17, 2006 07:58 AM

wow dreaming fogy ATM ...

What a difference in the two images! A wonderful comparison with a slight difference in perspective, and both certainly appeals to me!!

this is a great project, going back to the same spots you have photographed in the past. in fact i am doing it this week as well. love the soft look.

wow! what a huge difference time makes, the two photos are barely recognisable as the same scene.

Great shot, Noushin. As simple as that!

I still like the other version more but this is very cool. Great atmosphere!

this is quite nice. i love the fade from bluish-purple to sepia. great photos as always.

This images resonates with me, maybe because of what I just posted sunday -- http://asliceolife.blogspot.com/2006/01/words-for-cracked-parchment-ye-who.html

Love the colors.

Very nice image

Another fantastic atmosphere!

Hey, your pictures are really cool. Your trademark trees esp. Think this is very much your own style. Great pic.

WOW - what a great image. Like the perspective and the light is gorgeous.

Great colours & nice perspective! ...moody!

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