Bubbles 3
March 21, 2006

They look so unreal, this is my fav from all the bubble series.

Beautiful shot!! How the heck did you do that one? What is the original shot like?

Terrific shot. It's as if you stacked them that way. Very neat.

wonderful effect they look like glass beads

Lookes like a fractal! Very cool...my favorite of the series as well.

Totally Awesome. I love the colours and the surreal form of this group of bubbles.

Special, very special photo, it compliments, a salute from Italy by

Lovely composition and great detail. I love the detail in the bubbles and the colours in this. Very abstract.

this is a cool effect Noushin!!

great detail!love the clearness!

Almost like spheres floating in free space... excellent composition! Must experiment with macro bubble shots myself :-)

Take it easy,

Your driving me crazy trying to figure out where theses bubbles are comming from. I have no idea with that ligt yellowish tan color. Cool stuff.

This is simple yet so complex as a frame. Love the tones too! Great shot.

Superb shot, love the reflected light on the big bubble

nice and clean bubbles!

Incredible. Looks like it could be a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. Very pretty.

nice bubble effect

huch what a great picture. very sharp and amazing d.o.f.!

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving feedback. I thought by now you would all be tired of the bubble shots. I have posted too many bubble shots I am going to try to stay away from it at least for a while.
Thukai: this was shot off of a vinegar bottle!! This is pretty much the original shot.
Otto: Yes I have special way of stacking them : ) I kind of really liked the way these were stacked too. Apparently different liquids move and shape bubbles differently. It looks like the bubbles in a vinegar bottle tend to stay together for some reason.
David: you should it so much fun and each shot comes out really unique.
- noushin

Posted by: noushin | March 22, 2006 09:50 PM

Neat, I thought they were peas.

Incredible gold color

Wow, very impressive shot and colors...

Great shot! Live the composition.
- Martin

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