Heineken Bubbles
March 11, 2006

These bubbles were shot off of a Heineken beer bottle. I liked the way bubbles were moving from one end to other end after I shook the bottle and started tilting it.

nice pic :)

Lovely shot, i like the dark green color.

Gorgeous colour!

I was a great idea to tilt the bottle, because this composition definitely works. These little bubbles look like shiny marbles... I wouldn't have thought, I'd become fascinated by a beer bottle one day ;-).

Cool pic! The composition of the bubbles is specially awesome! I also like the ambience.

Posted by: Peyman | March 12, 2006 05:43 AM

really neat photo. i like the shade of colors in here. i specially like the so white area on top righ of the photo all the way to so dark area on the bottom left of the photo. neat transition.

Very artistic. I like this color tone, in fact it is great!

cool. both the pic and the idea

Absolutely love the colours! Great Pic

Lovely Colour! Great pic!

great abstract! the colors and composition are beautiful. i'm so in love with things viewed through colored glass, though i would not have guessed that that was what this was. good thinking ;)

Great abstract Noush. I love the saturated colors, especially since it's coming from a nice cold Heineken!

Marcelo Vilares

hi, i am french and
its not my first time here
i just want to say i really love this web !

i will come back as soon and as often as possible !

come to visit me :)
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bellxone, Bordeaux, FRANCE

I really like your last couple of pics the most, simple, beautiful and AWEsome colors ! This pic really is nice too. Love the 'not-too-brightness'

Thanks everyone for positive comments. I liked the way this came out myself too. Maybe in next few weeks you see few more of the same subject.


Posted by: Noushin | March 13, 2006 07:28 PM

NIce one Noush...great image....crazy colour...not sure that I want my beer that colour but hey always willing to try!

gorgeous-reminds me of peas in a pod.

Posted by: em | March 14, 2006 03:16 PM

Great - I love bubbles - this ones look so organic and pure :)

Fun picture idea, and these are great colors.

I love thsi mate.. the colours are just wonderful

The sharp bubbles amount the softer, more blurry lines are striking. Very nice.

Another 3M's (Minimal, Monochromatic, Macro) I like so much. Great!

Really cool macro with great colors. Very nice.

The colors got me. I love it.

Natural greens

almost looks surreal

weel its a very nice pic but it seems mal3oub bi 2asfala the bubbles look like mercury so clean nfokhou

Posted by: emilio | August 24, 2007 05:31 AM

nfodou bi tyazzzzzzzzkoun ya wled lkleb THIS PICTURE IS DAM GOOOD IS THERE ANYOTHER ONE COZ ITS A VERY NICE QUALITY U GOT HERE nfikhoulo yeh la riccco bi tizo barke byonfdo

Posted by: 7alim sa33our lbronzo | August 24, 2007 05:36 AM
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