January 19, 2007

Wonderful treatment. Very atmospheric.

Wonderful. It's so real.

Beautiful shot. I really love this.

Looks very ominous down the road there. Really spooky. You did well to spot this shot.

This is exactly the kind of shot I've wanted to take for some time now.

this image really does provoke a "lost" feeling...beautiful

Lovely sense of atmosphere. I almost wouldn't want to walk down that road - a bit spooky!

Great atmosphere! The fog gives a special feeling.

... quality ... have you ever been approached by any publishing company to use some of your work for mass production or ... visa versa ???

Posted by: jila.e | January 20, 2007 05:32 PM

Really love this photo, could work as a poster for a horror film :)

Wonderful. Amazing light but still very crisp.

Lovely. Nice and moody - I like it.

Beautiful atmosphere and perspective. Well done.

Great atmosphere. Very moody !

A really nice path !!! Nice light !

Classic Noushin shot! Trees, a road leading into the frame and some moody light with great post processing.
- Martin

Catherine's right...the road is spooky! You captured a mood here. I like it.

salam , in bare avali nist ke az aksatoon estefade mikonam , kheyli az karhat lezzat mibaram . makhsoosan oon akse nowrouz.

movafagh bashid

Salam , axe besyar zibaee bud ..

movafagh bashid

Posted by: Baran | September 22, 2007 05:22 PM
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