Atlantic Ocean
March 24, 2007

... very cool & interesting ... :)

Posted by: jila.e | March 24, 2007 01:31 PM

This is amazing.

I love the sweep of the clouds in this shot. It's really a soothing image.

beautiful calming shot Noush! the website looks well also!

lovely photo

Beautiful muted colours.

I love the tones. Can you tell me how you processed the actual photo?

I really like the setting in this one... serenity!

nice capture

Wonderful atmosphere... peaceful moment.

a nice capture, the tones in the clouds are so sweet, coming from light to dark in a brillant way :)
take care

Eerie and full of memory - a beautiful and haunting shot

Beautiful landscape and colours!

awwfully attractive borring good tones

Posted by: saeed | April 2, 2007 02:54 PM

wow man, beautiful, great processing! i like the rolling wave

I swear I can hear the surf - this is fantastic!

Nice atmosphere and the contrast between the sand, the sea and the sky are really beautiful

Great picture. I like the atmosphere.

Great shot! I like the footprints..

Nice shot! I like the footprints..

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