March 02, 2007

Great shot. Pier shots are always very tempting, and quite common, but this one adds an extra something. Great colours.

Wow, outstanding!

love pier shots and this ones amazing. Great colours and beautiful sky :)

The composition and xplosion of color is just fantastic in this one.

I like the blue/gold split.

great shot - love that jet stream in the sky :)

... isee ice ... but ifeel warm ... strange :)

Posted by: jila.e | March 4, 2007 07:01 AM

Awesome tones... cold and warm. Good composed.

It is the lighting that really grabs my attention here.

Brilliant colours! This turquoise and this gold are great.

The tonal range i quite excellent here. Nice 1.

Did you jump in. The photo looks warm so the water must be. Nice shot.

Lovely golden light. Beautiful.

what a great pleasure finding your blog tonight, i will follow it thanks to the rss feed

take care

This image looks warm and cold at the same time. Beautiful.

Besides composition which is great, colors give it this special mood, some sort of lab color effect which is daring and yet not flashy. I like it.

the sky is really nice. great shot. good job.

love the gold light in the water ... nice shot

Love the contrast of the cold blue of the sky with the warmth of the sun on the water....beautifully done. Phil

Loving your blog!

I love how you manipulate your colours

Loving your blog!

I love how you manipulate your colours

Another great picture!

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