March 15, 2007

Amazing detail, texture, and contrast in the clouds. Like the muted coloring as well.

What a nice place to stay a while. Dreaming. Wonderful colours!

I love the dramatic feel of this photo. Great job!

fantastic processing and great alignment! i just want to run of and bomb into the water :)

fantastic processing and great alignment! i just want to run of and bomb into the water :)

This scene feels enormous, it dwarfs the sail boat, great work!

Wow! All I can say, really.

Great seascape, and a beautifull tone of color. The angle of the the treeline at the end of the lake, and the angle of the bridge, makes the image tilt a bit to the right.

a really beautiful picture. Love the colors and the contrast

great perspective and processing!

great color harmony,

almost unreal,, very nice.

I'm looking at this while the ice pellets tap, tap, tap at my windows and I just sigh.

Lovely warm sight.

very nice picture!

Wow! I love the clouds. The sail boat gives a nice touch too.

Bonjour, Well done shot! Colors and tones are very nice!..Bravo!

I like the detail of the sky, teh water and the wood.

... harsh & smooth ... almost surreal :)

Posted by: jila.e | March 18, 2007 05:08 PM

texture, contrast, depth of the picture ist wonderful. it`s isn`t real but it is beautiful.

looks endless...

i really like the sense of direction in this shot. the clouds seem to be traveling from forground to the background and the dock seem to be pointing out the same idea. it's a great observation.

WOW. Really shocking. Nice composition. It's spectacular.

Amazing framing. This is just a perfect shot, the colours are superb!

love the perspective and depth, the dock sends you out to the clouds, which seem to be moving, very dynamic, well done!

Brilliant shot, I love this dramatic sky.

Beautiful processing.

very great perspective!

Wonderful wide view and tones...

Very dramatic, great perspective and beautiful use of colors!

that's good!

I'm nearly speechless, that is amazing!

It's just takes you away. I love it. I feel comfort in this photo.

Not been by in a while Noush but this is beautiful...just beautiful. Phil

This shot is truly unbelievable !!

excellent perspective and tones :)

great balance of black and whites.


very nice!

A amazing beauty seascape.I like the sea and the sky.Sense of vision extension.WOW!I want to live in here all of my life!

Posted by: Dan | March 23, 2007 07:59 AM

Very creative presentation. I seldom like the dual tone processing but it is spot on here.

Incredible shadows, great depth. Nice colouring.

Wow I like this sky and clouds. Nice tones and perspective. Great

This is beautifully processed on a photo which has a great perspective

Sublime HDR.

The perspective on this is great. I love it.


Posted by: BobC | May 4, 2007 01:55 PM

Nice composition!

Gorgeous picture! You have very beautiful pictures in your blog. Great work!

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