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April 19, 2007

Your photos are great! Cheers.

Great! Open skies. In Denmark you would say the ceiling is up high.
Looks like a nice warm autumn-day.

Nice blues

This is nice. I really like the mellow colours in this one...

Lovely colors, the sky looks marvelous :)

Beautiful perspective and the colors are just wonderful.

Beautiful colours, I like these clouds.

Recently I've made a website that track Iranian photoblogs via their rss/atom feed, your nice photoblog is in our list if you don't want being in our list just send us an email, its also very nice of you if you link photoblogs.ir in your site.

I love big skies and open spaces - so this one get a big thumbs up.

I like the low point here. Very postcardy... i like it.

nice Landscape! The toning is very fine - i like very much!

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