April 15, 2007

Have seen many images similar to this, but it is rare for one to attract my attention such as this one.


Nice...very nice shot!

This is so stunning. Really gorgeous.

Incredible moodiness to this one... love the misty soft focus. Very nice photo!

... Nature versus Manhattan ...

Posted by: jila.e | April 17, 2007 02:33 PM

I never tire of views of this sort - towering, still beauty.

Nice treatment.

Tooooo much diffuse glow. IMHO

I love the way you treated this image, the soft focus looks nice.

Great.Beautiful sky.

very good processing and great angle! love the feeling of heighth

Great shot!

This shot is full of mystery - quite spooky actually. And I like it.

Really nice. I love how it traps the viewer in the darkness of the forest, despite the light sky.

Beautiful. It's eerie, but in a truly wonderful way. Really love this one.

amazing parallel lines and perfect tone, well done.

The tree branches are.....scary........NICE.

Fantastic shot and processing.

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