May 24, 2007

Fantastic, it's diferent, it's one glass or 2 photos?

great pictures, as always

Very beautiful, and strong. The waterdrops are great details.

i'm really enjoying the deep red of this beautiful rose. i'm also enjoying the unconventional framing of this flower shop. i wish there was focus all around the photo perhaps through several shots and masking in photoshop but the photo is beautiful as it stands :)

Excellent shot with nice composition.
Lovely color and nice flash reflection on the sharpens drops.

Great colors, great dof, great sharp... great shot.

Very good flower photo!

Excellent shot. I love the reflection on the water drops.

so beautiful!.. are these drops real or photoshopped? Either way, it looks awesome!

nice rose i like your blog

Thanks very much everyone for comments and visits.

Regarding your questions: this is one single shot of a real flower with real water drops. No glass or fake drops. There is no photoshop at all, this is how the RAW file came out.

- noushin

Posted by: noushin | May 25, 2007 12:23 PM

beautiful macro shot... and very well done.

Amazing capture, the red has come out passionately

Superb colors and composition.
Well done my friend!!

What a lovely red shot. I like it, really well captured.

cool shot!

I have to leave a comment on this spendid super macro. It is very good.

Perfect rose. Great shot.

Posted by: Joe | May 29, 2007 09:08 AM

No, doesn't look photoshopped, but the drops look like they are falling or something...not resting on the flower. Very nice shot!

Great shot, even more so since no photoshop was used. Fantastic Shot.

The lighting on this is perfect.

Fantastic photograph.I like the color so much!

Eleftheria (9 years old)

This picture roar, love it!

Fantastic picture.. How did you do it?
I'm curious...

Lovely shot the colours are amazing. It looks like the water droplets were added later or on a piece of glass over it.

ahhh my fav subjects... flowers and drops are made for each other ;-)
The red is simply devine!

Hey Noushin - Loving all the Macro work on your sites. Curious about what type of gear your using - especially what type of flash unit. The water is fantastic. I really love macro work but haven't really invested too much in it. I have a Canon 65mm 1-5X macro but no Macro Flash, just some 580 EX IIs. Anyway - great work.



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