Black Cat
June 19, 2007

Thanks very much everyone for all the visits and comments on previous shots. In case you are interested I used motion blur for the effect of previous shot. Thanks, Noushin

This is great! "Yes, I'll tolerate you for ONE more shot." I wonder what he/she was thinking...

Very very nice picture, the expression of the cat is wonderfull.

oh mine. what a powerful kitty shot. feels like a heroic or a glory moment. i'm really enjoying the tight framing.

Fantastic shot!

Beautiful shot! Perfect composition and lighting. Very nice.

Very nice shot.

Wow, the cat is terrific. Fantastic capture! Greetings, Mariana Cuentos.

This is great! Looks just like my furry buddy

this is great. It made me laugh.

wouldn't want to cross his path! great close up portrait :)

Noushin, this is very impressive! I love the tight framing!

"Dude, I'm so high"

Nicely done. I like the fact that you are right up in the cats face.

I love this picture!!!

I love u!

Posted by: melody | June 20, 2007 02:09 PM

Really nice, your cat looks so patient. Mine always just looks grumpy then runs off when I try to take her photo.

Awww...Mrow! So cute.

Wat a beautiful cat. Fantastic portrait.

Wow Terrific!! Really this framing is a success.Great work!!

Fantastic shot!! I love it!

Superb! Priceless expression.

Fantastic shot, so beautiful black cat with great pose of it's eyes and excellent composition.

What a great capture... the cats looks really lazy or maybe he/she doesn't care at all! :-)

Wow, brilliant shot, I looove these eyes.

This would make a great poster! Love the framing and look of the image. Very nice artwork!

Wow, what a fine close up, it is a bit scary.

Wowww!!, very nice shot.
This blog is brilliant.
Greetings from Spain.
Good "LIGHT".

I love it!!

This is a very scary scary shot.
But beautiful!

aksaye zibai gereftin manam akasio kheili doost daram ba dorood[گل][گل][گل][گل][لبخند]

I like it's eyes

Creepy! What a great shot, he looks scary. Love the eyes.

Wonderful cat-portrait. The close crop makes it feel really up close and snuggely, and the closed eyes add great mood to the scene.

Not that is one cool shot, I think you have truly captured the nature of a cat.

Nice shot. It looks like something out of The Never Ending Story.

haha,such a striking portrait ! he is the boss ! but a lazy one... :P

What a great portrait of this beautiful cat, well done, it's superb, cheers,

Wow ! fantastic renderred ! great portrait !

good light:)

Greatly focused!Very well done!

Perfect exposure. The look of contempt is priceless.

How fantastic!

Iam very happy for this site .

I love this shot! Great focus of his nose

Hi .thanks for your email nader amirabadi tehran-iran

full of confidence!

Fantastic portrait, especially the look in the cats eyes makes this image special!

Beautiful cat! I love the focus on his nose!

eyes.. it seems like he understands everything.

Really Great!!!
I loved it....

Posted by: Niya | May 16, 2008 04:22 AM

OMG... this is the best cat portrait I've ever seen!!!
So huggable :)
Glad I've found you on VFXY, your work is amazing.

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