June 11, 2007

Wow. Nice effect

Dang I love that shot. How did you do it? What potatoshop actions produced it?

This is just amazing! Like a dream!

Amazing, I need to test one like this!

Very graphic Shoot, like a paint. chapeau

I love it.

I love this. Well done!!

I am picking my jaw up off the ground, thank you!!!

This is really amazing!

Yeah! What a trip!! Were you out looking for "magic" mushrooms??? :)

I am having a tough time picking up my jaw too.

nice effect

Exceedingly awesome! I love this.

This is awesome beyond words........

... like the sense of creativity and illusion on this work ...;)

Posted by: jila.e | June 13, 2007 12:14 PM

Lovely shades & patterns. Well taken.

i seldom write comment on any photoblog just for the reason of 'wow!' 'ohhh...' and so on. but this image is really creative and very unique. i should learn from you...

thank you for sharing with the world.

Perfect tilte....for a intense image..:)

Fantastic effect ! Cool photo.

very interesting effect !

Wow, amazing effect. Can you tell us how you did that?

Thanks very very much everyone : )
I was just playing around with this in photoshop then decided to uploaded it to my flickr account and looks like bunch of people liked there too.

Now, how did I do this. Easy in fact very very easy. Just using photoshop's "motion blur" and masking the foreground so the foreground is not too blurry.


Posted by: noushin | June 19, 2007 05:40 PM

very cool abstract!

What a wonderful abstract. Nice motion blur effect.

Urpsss... better call this one 'nausea'! Splendid idea!

superbe effet !

nice imagination

awesome. this is so cool.

This is a fabulous effect!

Precioso trabajo


Posted by: Anonymous | February 24, 2008 08:08 AM

I keep coming back to this image - it inspired me to do a lens-zoom-during-exposure to get a similar effect in-camera - thanks for your beautiful work!! It makes me want to work harder!!

This is spectacular. The eyes don't get bored looking at this one.

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