Silent Ocean
September 18, 2007

Simple, yet beautiful in its simplicity.

besyar ziba va royaie shode

Wow...this is fantastic! Very nice!

Beautiful colors and light.

So beautiful cool color of sky with excellent long exposure.

The purple and the soft water makes this shot something els! Great shot!

Top quality. That piece of land jutting into frame on the right really adds something too. Gradient of the light across the sky and water. Sumptuous.

Very peaceful and calm picture. I would take this on my wall. Purple is great.

Very eerie! Beautiful !

Serene - I love shots like this.

So dreamy!Great tones!!!very well done!

Wow... Completely AMAZED! Us 'Noushin's have good talent then, eyy! The picture looks so perfect that I can't almost believe its true... The lighting and place where you took the picture from looks great.. Where is this place? You uploaded/took the picture on my birthday aswell - makes me love it even more! Breathtaking picture... My friends thought so too!

Posted by: Noushin K | March 15, 2008 12:16 PM

too much peaceful, really beautiful

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