Another Blurry Day
October 28, 2007

Thanks very much for all recent visits and feedback. This was shot yesterday at Washington Crossing Park, it's an incredible place. Walking here feels like being inside a painting.

That's awesome Noushin, fantastic colors and POV. I can imagine myslef lying down on leaves and listening to a rock song. You don't know how i wish i was there

I saw this the other day on your Flickr stream and for me it was an instant fave.
The colors are fantastic, the leaves, the blurred trees.... In my eyes a masterpiece !!!

Great shot; has a very mystic feel to it

inja beheshte?

... interesting ideology ... but i really like to see "the real" of this one scene ... i am sure it is one of my favourites ...

Posted by: jila.e | October 29, 2007 09:45 AM

Pretty much awesome as usual.

Well, the picture feels like a painting as well!

I love the effect. Very surreal.

Great job, great combination of static and movement.

Oh, wonderful!

Noushin this is amazing, woooow. I love it. I saw in many magazin about how to do it but lazy to even try. this is lovely.

Posted by: Anonymous | October 30, 2007 12:16 PM

sorry, forget to write my name. sorry.

Poooffff! Damn you!

Beautiful image - love the colors!

Great shot! I really like this.

I'm thinking aliens are beaming up the trees :-)

superb framing ! and the blurred effect on the top works very well!

Wow. This is really awesome, very creative!

Well done creative shot..Nice exposure..Bravo!

wow, crazy image! the processing doesn't matter, for me the result is unreal. I like it very much

That's certainly an interesting scene. I really enjoy the sharp contrast between the empty foreground and the dense, colorful back. And a beautiful light!

Does feel like a painting, kind of surreal really. Nice one.

One of the best forest pics i´ve seen so far.

Interesting shot


Very captivating picture !
Like jila.e I'd like to see the original one trying to understand what post-processing you've done ;)

this is very interesting image

That's a wonderful image with fantastic processing - what a beautiful combination!

Wow, I love the colors and the vertical blurring effect. Awesome!

wow this is amazing the light the trees, everything. great job.

Very beautiful image.
Thanks. :-D

The effect on this photo is awesome!!

Beautiful image! The blur at the top really helps draw the eye down to the detail on the forest floor. And the color really sets the mood. Fantastic!


Beautiful, like rays of light coming down from the sky.

wow. so beautiful
how did you take it?

Magnifique image, les couleurs et le traitement sont superbes.

This is a very effective processing technique. A dreaming beauty!

So mystic , fantastic !

So mystic , fantastic !

This is stunning! I so want a print of this... do you swap or sell prints? Please let me know!

Hi noushin
It is a stunning picture.
your process is really top

Posted by: PM | May 29, 2008 05:54 AM

Your shots have such a dreamy feel to them. Really baffling. They almost look like they come straight out of a surreal movie. I agree with Yvette by the way: this is the kind of stuff I want to hang on my living room walls.

this image stopped me in my tracks! Its beautiful. A real gem.

This is a fabulous shot. Amazing colours. I love the way the tops of the trees blur together. Very nicely done.

Really a stunning image, hw the image morphs from a forest, into a magic dream.

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