October 18, 2007

Thank you very much everyone for all the recent visits and comments. I felt like taking a break from my recent California and Fall shots. So is something from archives which was already used on my flickr account. Actually same guy from this shot.

Thanks for stopping by : )


Stark amd beautiful.

Amazing tones. I'm jealous actually.

fantastic shot, well composed and seen,

Fantastic work.

pure and soft colors :)
thanks for this quiet moment Noushin

Wonderful. is it real fog or it is a PP? Great!

Wow, lovely. This shot feels peacefull.

It's fantastical shot...
Excellent composition and mono tone.

Very nice. After one month after my last visit here, it's great to see you kept up the good work. Congrats for that!

... well composed ... neatly abstract ...

Posted by: jila.e | October 21, 2007 07:39 PM

Nice contemplative stance you caught him in. It's as if he weighing his decision about how wise it is to go out on the lake in the fog.

Simple, quiet and beautiful

I love simple compositions with lots of space. It provides the photo with room to breathe.

Great composition, I like it a lot!!

Remarkable timing. Delightful shot!

I love how this image fades into a seamless openness. Beautiful composition.

Who says that whitespace is boring? Beautifully simple - simply beautiful!

Awesome, love how it just fades away (no horizon).

Stunning image. Love it

So simple, so beautiful. I wish I had time to live at a place like that and just enjoy the simple things.

This is a very beautiful and very ethereal photograph. The only thing which looks a bit strange is the pose of the person on the boat (though that is uncontrollable). Anyway, very well captured and the moment and symmetry is perfect.

Great picture, Noushin. I so much like the way water 'floods' into the air. Thanks for sharing. Part of my vfxy favorites now.

I love the impression of nothingness at the end of the photo. Makes you wonder where the guy with the boat is heading to.

Amazing photo.

Absolutely beautiful tones. Everyone seems to have a dock picture similar to this, but the addition of the man in the boat and the mist in the air makes this a really interesting picture.

Beautiful black and white picture. You have doing a very god processing. I love this "infinite" horizon.

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