November 08, 2007

Thank you very much all for stopping by and all the feedbacks. Jila I uploaded the original shot (for previous entry) with color correction but no blur here. I kind of prefer the blurry version myself but you be the judge. Thanks, Noushin

... i can't believe ... i am the first to admire this special scene ... love the color ... u know, i actually been in a place, which was the same tone of colour naturally and all over ...

Posted by: jila.e | November 8, 2007 01:59 PM

You must have clicked here split second after I uploaded this : )
Where was that place, were they cherry blossom?

- noushin -

Posted by: noushin | November 8, 2007 02:10 PM

... this is getting like live chat ...??? i know, my computer actually crashed !!! i did not see your written entry when i sent my comment ... i just noticed it afterwards !!! the place i think was in Bruge, Belgium or somewhere in France ... this was many years ago and my memory fading ...

Posted by: jila.e | November 8, 2007 02:36 PM

I prefer the blurry version as well :D This one is spectacular!

Applying your macro post processing on a non-macro shot ey? :) I like it!

I think I prefer without the blur :P
Very cool!

Oh, actually for the previous one I like it with the blur...
Does the Flickr version of this one have blur or is it just because it's smaller?

Wow - this is striking.

So beautiful...
I like so much your shots.

WOW!!! Fantastic colours!
I love the "blury" parts on each side. This must have been quite a job in photoshop..!?!

Absolutely GREAT

Great!! Love that colour!

special treatment, very original ; good photo too!

rang ro dust daram. blury shodeye ax ham khube. halate dreamy budan behesh mide. so. khube noushin jan

For the comparison images I like both. They are in different categories for me and both fit beautifully. It's hard for me to compare since they are so different.

This one is fascinating. The color is interesting. The photo stunning.

Wonderful use of the hue in PS.

Wow this picture is beautiful! Please, post this at www.pictpicture.com ! !


Posted by: maryam | November 19, 2007 03:40 AM

superbe aussi celle-ci, beaucoup de poésie dans cette image

beautiful photos!!! Really great shots and very very nice motives!

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