November 16, 2007

When i look at this, I'm expecting something to come out of the water, something big, something scary!

Wonderful, moody scene. The foggy silhouettes and reflections in the water are really beautiful.

I like the somber mood here - tones are just great !

This is a fantastic photograph. I really like the effect used.

Beautiful shot. I love the toning.

This is just enchanting!

... really one of a kind ... i like the charcoal smudgy effect in the middle ... and i think this is original ...

Posted by: jila.e | November 18, 2007 10:16 AM

You know what i like most in the shot? The black area. It reminds me a strange feeling. Anyway, this is a great shot.

I absolutely love your works. Each one has its own unique edit. good tastes.


Moody, soft and beautiful... love this.

hi ...

your photo is Beautiful...

Great reflection, mood, color tones. Everything look great here. Well done.

sweeeeeet! /J

its good , if the contrast was a little bit more i think it was better .

Posted by: Mehrdad | December 24, 2007 04:55 AM

good effect

What a lovely shot! Although it is simple, I can look at it for hours!

great shoot. Simple and impactful.


Wow, this is fantastic. You have some beautiful stuff here. Marta turned me on to your blog.

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