November 26, 2007

The atumn as it is very well captured.

Thats a really cool shot, i love it.

What a beautiful night scene. The browns are exquisite and the road itself is lovely. Looks like it would have been wet standing out there waiting to get a shot:-)

Great light and atmosphere here.. Beautiful shot..

Very nice with the headlights lighting that path. Great shot!

Excellent...simply excellent.

Love these kinds of moodys shots, it looks like a movie scene, love it. Can you plz have a look at my photos and tell me what you think of them? cheers,

Wow! Simply amazing,bravo!


Wonderful, i really love this.

no under or overexposure, perfectly captured, a nice place you share with us here :)

This is really wonderful. A favorite of mine.

Great - Love the atmosphere in this..

... there is a reverse motion effect on this picture???!!! it might be only me with all the hard time am facing these days ... anyhow i like this very much ... takes me to unknown and mysterious places ...

Posted by: jila.e | December 2, 2007 06:53 PM

Autumn is my favourite - great effect with the lights.

Love... always there is someone who pass your road of life, like a car, and take your love away... always there is someone unwanted, and u just can do nothing...



oh my god,
i don't know how did you take your photo.
i like this shot, this is so beautiful...

Trully great!

Great atmosphere, very movie like!

this reminds me of a car add, just picturing the leaves blowing towards the lens as the cars rushes by.

Super image - great light - also like the black space..
- Jean Marc -

Great work. A classic painting implemented as a photograph.

WOW! i like the mystery feeling on it - it's a great shot!! You have very cool shots here - i need a little bit more time, to take at look around ;-))

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