December 08, 2007

Beautiful autumn scene - love the fog in the distance. Very well done!

Beautiful shot. I love the fogginess in the distance.

Lovely shot, but i wonder what it would be look like if you hold your cam vertically!?

Thanks a lot for having a look at my photoblog & leaving me some comments. I do appreciate them.

It's fantastic autumn...
Lovely shot of this.

I'm going to miss autumn...

Nice and moody! I like this.

looks like winter is setting in

Fantastic mood. I love days like this.

The best of both worlds. Being in the forest with a path:-) Nice one.

I love the dreary mood of this and the movement and light in the branches.

I love the way the trees are bare and the leaves on the ground are the source of color for this image. The foggy mist is the icing on the cake!

زیباترین پاییزی است که تا به حال دیده ام.
نوشین عزیزم اگر لطف کنی و در مورد تکنیک های فتوشاپی که برای این عکس صرف کردی برایم توضیح دهی ممنون و متشکر خواهم شد.

... delightful ...

Posted by: jila.e | December 13, 2007 02:03 PM

great autumnal atmosphere : the orange tints, the subtle fog..

Happy holidays and a happy new year!

i always love your tree shots!

best wishes for 2008

stunning - the lighting on those golden leaves really catched the eye..

Nice shot. Love color

beautiful! very nice!

c'est beau l'automne !

Your Autumn shots are always fantastic!

I've just found your blog and have been enjoying your pieces very much! Just want to let you know I've put your link on my blogroll... Keep up the beautiful work.


Wonderful mystical light in this one. Very nice!

Very nice colors. I like the contrast between the colors and the darker areas in the corners of the image. The vignetting type of shadows in the lower areas of the image add some nice depth to the image by contrasting the colorful rest of it. The only think I don't like is the left upper corner: it is a bit to bright and empty and therefore captures my attention, so I get stuck there after a while. But thats only a minor issue. Overall I have to say: very well done!

Really clean capture

very very beautiful
why you dont update?

beautiful atmosphere... great stuff as usual...

So peaceful, so mysterious, so somehow comforting.

... werrr rrr u ??? ... r u abducted ??? ... i thought there is a strange light in the middle of this shot !!! ...

Posted by: jila.e | February 3, 2008 11:42 AM

خيل قشنگ بود . مي شه بگي جنگلاي كجاست ؟ اينجا ها رو تنهايي نرو حيفه بذار منم باهات بيام .
با اجازه لينكتون مي كنم .

Nice shot , Nice composition , Nice edit , Thanks.

oh....great derivation of feelings from this shot.

hey! we need to see some new posts!

I always like to walk over the dry leaves, but this picture also give us an infinitum sensation. Great job.

This is an amazing shot, well done!

Although this is a really beautiful shot, I really miss a new entry from you now, Noushin :)

سلام.. واقعا زیباست .. بنازم این نقاش طبیعت را

Beautiful shot. Hope this is framed and on your wall.

I came across your site through VFXY. I am very impressed with all of your shots..! Every single shot is technically brilliant! I will definitely be coming back more often.

Wow... amazing pic, well done.

Amazing images. I really enjoy your photography and recently added your link to my new site, ILovePhotoBlogs.com. Keep up the great work and check out my site when you have a moment.

Hi,noushin ! I was just curious and researched my name and you were the first on the list. This photo is amazing, the fogg really does provide that depth.

Posted by: Noushin | April 2, 2008 07:11 PM

nice photo

Posted by: annnon | April 15, 2008 12:31 AM

I love the washed out fog effect in the top of the photo, wonderful composition. Great capture.


Posted by: mark | May 9, 2008 10:21 AM

This photo is amazing and recently added your link to my new site.

This photo is Beautiful shot and recently added your link to my new site.

vaghean zibaast...

It's my first time that I'm visiting your blog , and I should say your photo's are absolutely amazing . I had a enjoyable time in your blog .

Posted by: Manoochehr | May 21, 2008 08:22 AM

Well done shot..Nice treatment..Bravo!

great picture for photo lovers
thanks, regards...

wow, great picture there :)
I like your blog a lot, I think I'll stay a little. Just too bad for us it seems you didn't really post anything recently. Anyway, great photos in here !

Marvellous...You sell your prints?

I came here via VFXY and I just wanted to say you have a very very impressive portfolio! I don't think I've seen an image yet that I did not like. Please keep up the great work. I'll be definitely stopping by more often!

wowww.. great!

tabrik migam behetoon kare zibayee bod ;)

i just love the glow and colour of the leaves. great photographs!.

oh, i wish i was walking through this right now. this is so very stunning. perfection. really.

So beautiful!

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