July 07, 2008

Great colour & I love that light!

Posted by: Ian | July 8, 2008 04:50 AM

I love it. So interesting, with the colours and textures. Great work!

captivating texture and color... beautifully done. love your work.

I'm not sure what I like more: the color (great range of hues), the lighting (from the light streaming in the top, to the playful gradient shadows), or the texture (so much texture)! Very nicely done.

Great photo with great colors. Really interesting shot.

beautiful! love the light/shadows, colors. very nice shot

beautiful light and texture...

Great work - I see something spiritual in that image

This is wonderful. There is a sense of desperate loneliness. Very dramatic image.

To put it simply, WOW :)

The electric box and tube make this cell yet stranger than its colours and textures. Great work!

I just generally like this image. This is great. I like the texture. Then I look at the colors. I go back and forth. Quite a treat to find many things in one image.

wow - such beautiful colours here. interesting to have such lovely, soft colours juxtaposed with such a forlorn, constricting location as a cell. the textures really make this feel like some other world...

I really love this photo. Great colors, amazing light and texture, nice angle. Softness almost makes you forget what you are looking at... Well done.

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