July 17, 2008

A little extreme on the coloring but it still looks cool!

Love the infrared effect. And I love the dof. It gives the shot movement. Great work!

Was the blur done with the lens or as an effect? I love the cross-processing and the aspect ratio as well. Those pink and purple hues are amazing!

Wow.. this one is really cool. Out of this world. I like it!

The unusual colors make for an interesting effect.

Nice color tone!

So wonderfully dreamy. Looks like it was taken straight out of some kind of fairy tale. A really magic forest!

Neat shot and nice effect. Great job.

That's a weird effect... Is this picture taken with a lensbaby or something ?

تعدادی از عکسهایتان را دیدم. فوق العاده بود و لذت بردم.قطعا از این پس بیننده ای دائمی خواهم بود. شادباشید

really nice colour and composition

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