July 26, 2008

Thank you all for visiting, this is a shot from my old archives with different processing. Noushin

What a wonderful shot. I just love that blue color !!!!

Great minimalist image!

what a wonderful shot, love the colors!!!!!!!!!!

Stunning image!

Nice shot but it would be excellent if we could see more of the fishing rod, well done.

I really like the softness of this image and the gentle colors. The reflection here is stupendous. You have a lovely blog which I will mark as a favorite and visit often.

A wonderful feeling you have catch here - and a great postprocessing.

Nice shot. I like the rod in this one, but prefer the processing of your previous image.
The combination would be great.

Love the processing here. What time of day was this? Looks like its early in the morning?

Stunning! The mood is perfect!


Really nice shot! I'm impressed. I wish i'd be that good :)

Amazing shot: Great tone and mood achieved.

Very cool image.

Very nice commposition ! great capture !

Great processing, love this one better than the previous one.

beautiful image. the water looks so calm.

This really is a beautiful image. The colours, the soft look, the stillness. It perfectly captures the moment.

I can feel the stillness !
Also great composition.

Really nice composition and post processing. Stunning capture!

Excellent ! Taken at the perfect moment ;D

Love the "faded" colors. Very nostalgic. You caught just the right instant.

Amazing shot!

Nicely composed!

beauty of the shot is its timing! Awesome!

Really great timing on this one. Love it.

One of these photos which speaks for itself!!!

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