August 10, 2008

Looks great! Seems it is HDR, if so, it looks very natural.

This photo captures the essence of a summer day for me. (And I really like that painted feeling to the sky.)

Excellent wide angle and love the colours.

Another amazing scene as expected. Very beautiful!
It's great to see your pictures again. I wonder what happened to you!


Nice landscape, love the blue sky, well taken.

Wow! very Dramatic! I like how your eyes are drawn right into the clouds. Nice!

A superb sky and beautiful composition and perspective.

Incredible clouds!

Wow! Very nice. I really like this one.

Beautiful light and details for a quite good composition..

This is a beauty. I love the dock. I love the way it leads the eye.

The sky is the limit! Slightly tonemapped?

AMAZING! The clouds are so beautiful.

Is it an HDR?

Very nice!

This picture is taken at perfect angle. Everything is sync with each other. Just look at the clouds, amazing details and pattern. Looks almost artificial :)

BTW, is this picture in original form? Or you have done any color correction?


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سلام وبلاگ خوبي داري موفق باشي خوشحال ميشيم از سايت ما هم ديدن كني منتظريم

Posted by: عليرضا | August 23, 2008 02:38 AM

Heaven!! Looks fantastic, I wish I was there, sitting and drinking coffee :D

Only WOW'S!

i wish the world really looked like that, or i could get special glasses that did it, heres to the future.

Posted by: Greg | August 28, 2008 06:32 PM

I know this is perfectly still...but there seems to be so much motion in the sky. Truly fantastic!

Just beautiful.
Like a dream...


just saw your link from another blog and i'm glad i clicked on it. your photos are spectacular! i like it a lot. bookmarked! :)

I am not sure if this picture is photoshoped or not. But in any case, its an incredible picture. I really like how clouds are prominent and sharp.


Looks like an HDR shot... Very beautiful.

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