September 17, 2008

Wow, stunning!

Very nice photo! I really like the silhouette!

Stunning colour! Love that silhouette & shadow too!

wonderful shot, i love your photo and i'm going to vote for you in photoblog awards 2008

Amazingly composed! Very warm and emotional!

great shot :)

Stunning shot, great lighting effect and really like the runner silhouette. Great job composing this shot.

Beautiful light and the combination of color is just perfect!

Excellent photo! Perfectly composed, great tones! Love it!

Excellent composition. I need to get out for my run...soon.

hmmz, makes a guy want to run !

This is stunning. Not emotional in my opinion as ilya wrote, but has a more cold hightech feel too it. Like a scifi movie.

Nice. The detail of the runner's shadow helps grounding him to the scene, giving a dimension of scale.

Superb summertime silhouette shot!

Simply, great. Well framed.

A very fine example of shooting-against-the-sun- without-flash and having a wonderful and beautiful result.

nice colors, nice shot.


My eyes feel sleepy already but I still keep on browsing your photos. Thanks for sharing them online. :)

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