Morning Light
October 21, 2008

excellent, it definitely has a dreamy feeling to it

I found this while looking through some of the links available from aminus3. I absolutely love the picture - fantastic.

Great composition and the colours are outstanding

The fantastic morning light!

Beautiful composition! How do you did this photo?


Wonderful light and lines. So hard to make this kind of image interesting, but you really captured it with great composition and exposure.

Brilliant -- I love the treatment. Very nice.

This is beautiful. I love this forest you shoot in. Where is it?

Wonderful lighting and toning. Love the simplicity.

Looks pretty interesting with strong lines of trees. A little geometrical :-)

Beautiful lines and light

Amazing. The light is just amazing.

gogeous image...lovely colors!!

I assume this was a long exposure and the tree tops were blurred by wind, I like this.

Amazing nature shot...
lovely tone

Breathtaking! Stunning! And all those other words that come to mind when you see an outstanding image such as this one! Great shot! WOW!

Nice as usual,

This is nothing short of gorgeous.

Stunning image. Magical light.

beautiful treatment!


This is just stunning. Almost unreal. It must smell nice to be there.

Great composition! Fantastic light and mood!

Beautiful light!

beautiful! love the light/shadows, colors. very nice shot



absolutely transporting! Fabulous light play. Wonderful processing.

Great shot! It's been said multiple times in these comments but the lighting is stunning, the blur is perfect. Bravo!

The first think that comes to my mind, is alien abduction!

Wonderfully composed; such beautiful light and dancing lines.

Beautiful photo

Very surreal, but I mean that in the good way :-)

I'm not sure how you got the smear effect at the top but it appears quite artistic. Sometimes I'm tempted to try effects but seem to lack the courage and opt for normality. The light is nice in the scene.

This is an absolutely stunning piece you have here!
I see that you are still cranking out masterful imagery.
Very cool stuff!!

Striking image. Great composition and tremendous post processing. Great effect in tree tops. Not sure if that is blur tool at work or actual tree movement. Since no leave movement is detected in foreground, I'll assume the effect is software driven...Great image.

The first think that comes to my mind, is alien abduction

I assume this was a long exposure and the tree tops were blurred by wind, I like this.

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