Time Square
January 07, 2009

This is a shot I took two weeks ago at Time Square and probably really overdid the processing. Don't blame me I sometimes have too much fun with photoshop!!!

By the way I hope everyone had a wonderful new year.

Thanks for stopping by : )


The processing is intense but I think it works for this gritty intense city scene.

Good shot. I'd never know it was 'processed', whatever you did to it, it looks like Times Square. Been 40 years since I passed there so can I blame you for those changes? He, he.

You have a great year shooting pictures.

I like it and how you processed it. Very nice image.

I don't think its overdone at all. I like this look--saturated and slightly overexposed at the same time. Very nice.

oh i don't know. i really like it. the grittyness fits well with the image -- feels very deliberate and well-executed. plus it sets a hell of a mood ;)

Sometimes overkill can work. I really like this!

Well, the process works fine for me... being Times Square :-)
A bit late but still, Happy New Year to you too!

1st of all_ happy new year!
But to be honest I do think you went a bit wild on the processing. I don't know exactly what you did, but it looks like a tone-mapped image. There are halos all over the place.
This photo really doesn't need this kind of processing.
That's at least my opinion. Don't be mad at me ;)

Excellent urban photo and the black borders fits it really well

That's a superb urban scenery! Very nicely done, I really enjoyed this photo. The colors are amazing.
I glad I have found you photoblog :)

Nice photo, now I really want to go there... :)

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