January 31, 2009

Such an amazing scene. Great composition.

That is like a still from a very good movie. Seriously, that's what I first thought when I saw it in GReader....

Just great !!

What's great about this photo is that it looks like a B/W and i bet some people will accuse you of some photoshop trickery, but I bet these are the colors are just as it appeared.

great winter scene. like the 2 small bits of color on the signs that offset the monochrome of the rest of the scene. feels amazingly dense in color despite that too.

Beautiful scene. The tire tracks on the road are a great element leading the eye to the yellow and red sign.

Nice orange...interesting!

Beautiful landscape. I like how the image draws your eye to the orange sign.

Amazing scene. Beautiful composition!

Great shot, reminding me Tehran as I'm so far away from home and no snow here in Melbourne :(

Ziba Bood Tnx

Posted by: Amir | February 9, 2009 02:38 PM

So beautiful! I can almost hear that lovely "silence" that comes with snow - where everything seems muted.

Very beautiful scene.
Thanks. :-)

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