February 05, 2009

This must be shot around the corner from this one.

Thank you all for visiting : )


why untitled?

but really wonderful snowy night.

great image, nice tones :)

Nice, nice, nice. Scenery, colors, ...

Just wondering, did you shoot this whlie driving or did you stop ???

love it!!

I like this Noushin. It looks like you've darkened it to increase the effect. With the slightly orange forground it gives the whole a mystical warm feeling more inviting than a dark road may often provide.

the color makes it look colder. and you can see the heavy wet snow. brr :)

I like the comparison between the two views. This one is really beautiful with that wonderful light.


Did you take this while driving? ;)

beau contraste entre le chaud et le froid

Nice warming effect of the foreground by the car headlights.The snow or rain drops are being caught well by the light also. That snow is like a pure white carpet along the roadside.

Nice PP, like it again :)

an awesome picture indeed..

Beautiful scene...lovely colors.

What a quiet and peaceful winter scene. A road that leads to ... the unknown. Fantastic :)

Beautiful...love the tones and light :)

As with the previous one, which I like very much too, these kind of images look so simple to me, but somehow I really like them!
I'm just brabbling...
Thumbs up!

Nicely captured. Looks very mysterious.

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