in woods again
April 07, 2009

This was shot about 2-3 weeks ago in Washington Crossing park. I have shot quiet few shots in this spot, can't wait to see these trees turn green again.

Thank you all for stopping by,


Fantastic - a beautiful view.

Utterly bloody stunning!!!

So very lovely. Just a gorgeous shot.

I love this photo, it has many dimensions. At first, I just saw the trees and the sun: beautiful! Then I noticed the (motion?) blur, it's almost as a mist is crawling its way towards me through the forest. Reminds me of the movies "The Mist" and "The Village". Spooooky! :)

Amazing shot... the strong shadows are perfect, and I like the way it looks a misty white as you look through the trees

eerie! a very good capture:)

This is extraordinarily beautiful !

This is a great natural abstract. Very well composed. I love Washington Crossing Park.

gorgeous shot!! I like it very much!!

Wow, awesome lightning. Stunning shot!

Lovely - it looks like you've been playing around with some selective blurring, and got away with it spectacularly.

Nice effect. Gives it a modern look like the forest was designed by some modernist architect.


Did you find this amazing tree-trick (you've used it before) on your own? I'm asking this because I've seen similar photos after I saw it here initially. Guess some people are copying you then?

I made this shot my Shot of the Day when you first posted it - but I feel like I have to take a moment and comment on it... This is simply brilliant work! You nailed every aspect of this shot.

Unreal, but very, very cool!

This is an amazing view. I love how the sun looks shining through the trees.

Captivating photo. It's one of them you can sit watching forever without getting tired of it. Great capture.

Looks like taken from a motion film... seems like someone will slowly walk straight from the background. Really nice effect and tones.

I really almost couldnt believe my eyes! the light, the mist and those trees all came together to create a masterpiece of a capture! :)

An astonishing image, really unusual. Great light, great depth.

kheili ziba va aliii bood
mamnoon nushin

Each time I visit your blog I am blown away...such a humbling experience for me Noushin.
The sense of motion from middle of the frame and up, combined with the light is just amazing. Love this!

This has something of a forest after nuclear war... Amazing image!

This is so simple yet so deep. It's like a barcode made from nature herself :-)

A beautiful image. Love the contrast between the realistic ground and the surreal tree trunks. Very original and creative.

This is stunning work! I love the blur of the trees in the mist contrasted with the crisp shadows on the leaves in front.

Ιmposingly beautiful!

Posted by: Evi | July 4, 2009 11:53 AM

Now that is an impressive shot

This is an amazing picture! I love the light and the colors! Great job!

Wow, this is stunning! Come check out


I like your works. Looks amazing, as always.

hichi nemitonam begam
binazir shat zadid

wonderful.I love it

Posted by: nooshin | October 17, 2009 01:25 PM

The lighting is very good in thisone. Also very nice shadows.
Nice man:)

Lovely photo, love the geometric nature of it, and the shadows doa great job breaking up the vertical aspect!

Like your other pics this one's stunning! :)

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