February 12, 2010

Great image. I like these winter-wonderlands.

Beautiful picture! That road looks pretty icy. That tree on the left had a real tendency to grow over the road; that adds some magic.

brilliant and scary!

wow, so beautiful and sererne.

Lovely wintertime shot.

Brilliant dramatic scene you've created here. It is difficult to photograph during snowy circumstances, but you know how to handle with it. Awesome work man:)

Love this one, the winter theme and the colours make it a perfect picture!

Winter's silence, nice..

Perfect winter shot. Beautiful.

It's wonderful.

An amazing composition..great processing..bravo!

wooow! khaily sard..composition harf nadare...

Quite simple... wonderful capture

I was browsing through your blog and you have really nice photos, I specially like the forest ones.

great mood !

Severe, perfect contrast and great composition. The subject is so simple, detailed and sharp. Great job with the blue tone, it gives me a vibrant feeling of cold, much more dramatic and terrific than b/w.

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